Pasta da Re

A love storyWater, flour, a magic touch and there you are: this is “Pasta da Re”.

Once upon a time Mida…

... Then King of Phrygia, which Dionysus granted a power. An unusual and challenging skills: the ability to turn precious anything he touched. Every King Mida’s touch became gold, everything was made precious. And the world around him was beginning to shine out of proportion. Day after day, touch after touch.

Today there is a pasta factory, a new reality in continuous and rapid evolution.

Noschese Family seems to have stolen the place of that so special King. Water, flour, a magic touch and voila, Pasta da Re for everyone.

The secret ingredient: the love, the passion that drives the tireless Noschese Family. Products in the perfect glorification of an unspoiled and genuine land, refined taste and never dull. Accompanied by elegance and scents of those passed  times. Special hands are those of the master miller Michele engaged for years in a renowned Italian company - dedicated to their own choice and to processing of flours for the production of pasta - which has given rise to an extraordinary workshop. Those products, chosen with care, with his family, are able to make preciuos until they become a fine paste. A golden pasta.

Pasta da Re is a young company which can look to the with a strong and full wealth of experience and strong traditions.

"Pasta da Re" is the love of pasta made with love. 

Pasta da Re says NO to preservatives.

Raw materials are carefully selected and chosen from high quality ones.

A fine flour distinguishes the products of this pasta factory. Fusilli, paccheri, cavatelli, Puglia  formats and bronze made. A succession of excellence, continuous and refined taste.
Pasta da Re  is also filled pasta. The classic and traditional flavour of our creations meets the culinary delights of Picentini Mountains of our Production Area. Cheeses, vegetables and meats selected embrace our pasta and it makes an escalation of unsurpassed taste.

The formats of "Pasta da Re" combine perfectly with the typical products of our land, a harmony in which you could  give up.

  • From Tuesday to Thursday: 8:30-13:30 / 17:00-20:30
  • Friday and Saturday 7:30-13:30 / 17:00-20:30
  • Sunday 7:30-13:30
  • Monday: closed
  • Pasta da Re
  • Via Parlamento 83/85 - 84099
  • Filetta di San Cipriano Picentino (SA) Italia